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3 Takeaways From Our CCO on "The Brand Licensing Podcast"

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3 Takeaways From Our CCO on "The Brand Licensing Podcast"

Last week, our CCO, Timo Olkkola joined Emily Wickerham on IMC Licensing’s “The Brand Licensing Podcast,” where Wickerham gets candid with the people moving brand licensing forward. Olkkola has been a long time fan of IMC and its mission to connect people and brands in every stage of the licensing lifecycle (sound familiar?).  On this episode, Olkkola and Wickerham discuss Flowhaven’s incredible year of  growth, the relationship between technology and happy partnerships and why fans should always come first. You can listen here.

Below, we offer the top three takeaways from Timo’s segment. 

Licensing is a Fan-First Business

Professionals are at their best when they have full visibility and a deep understanding of their consumers. For a (painfully) long time, the only way teams could get this info was through surveys or market studies. But that costs time, money and energy. People need to follow the money, it will tell them what SKUs are performing best. Even more, it will give them insight into where their fans' true passions lie. 

Great Partnerships Rely on Even Better Platforms 

We often forget that licensing is an incredibly fun business!. If you don’t have time to do creative things, it’s very hard to do your job right. When we started Flowhaven,  we saw that daily licensing work involved  a lot of manual, time-consuming tasks that took away from more creative work. That’s why we built a solution that lets pros focus on establishing and nurturing  better brand partnerships. When you can use technology to create synergies, between licensors, agents and fans, it’s a win for everyone. 

Mastering Royalties will Make You King 

Flowhaven’s biggest clients are Fortune 100 companies, so there are large accounts and many currencies involved. We’re able to make everyone happy because we convert everything to fit within the terms of the agreement, to transition according to the user’s local currency and so much more. If your software doesn’t fit your business, it isn’t scalable. Financial users are among the happiest Flowhaven users because they recognize that everything from validation to error flags are at their fingertips. 

About Timo 

Timo Olkolla is CCO and Co-founder of Flowhaven. Timo has extensive knowledge of the licensing industry and the market forces that drive revenue for organizations of all sizes. He firmly believes that empowering companies to organize their operations and communicate more effectively is the best way to move the licensing industry forward.

Passionate about media and entertainment, Timo understands how well-executed licensing programs build bridges between brands and fans—Harry Potter and Star Wars are two prime examples.

Check out the episode below, or by visiting Apple Podcasts  or Spotify. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to subscribe! 

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