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How Visual Dashboards Turn Your Licensing Reports Into Valuable Insights

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How Visual Dashboards Turn Your Licensing Reports Into Valuable Insights

Brand licensing is a data-driven industry. Your partnerships generate an enormous amount of data, from asset lists to royalty reports to agreements This information is key to strengthening your partnerships, increasing your revenue, and making more informed decisions for your business. However, your licensing data is only valuable if you can quickly and easily understand it. 

With traditional analytics tools, it can be difficult to recognize important patterns in the vast amounts of data that your licensing business collects. If you’ve ever tried to gather business insights from a spreadsheet or run reports using outdated software, you know how overwhelming and time consuming it can be. 

Flowhaven’s real-time visual dashboards cut through information overload by making your data easy to understand at a glance.

Get a deeper understanding of your data with dynamic visual dashboards

Humans are visual creatures, so it’s no surprise that it’s much easier for us to comprehend and remember data that’s presented graphically. Flowhaven’s illustrated analytics summarize your partnership agreements, accounting data, royalty reports, and more into charts and progress bars so you know exactly how your programs are performing as soon as you log in. 

With traditional text-based analytics, you have a collection of raw data with figures that need to be mentally processed into useful observations. With visual analytics, you have business insights already laid out in a format that takes just seconds to understand. This visual display of complex data sets allows you to make smart business decisions quickly, increasing your productivity and supporting your bottom line. 

Flowhaven can provide you with visual displays for any data you want to see. You can transform it into pie charts, bar graphs, and many other easily digestible illustrations. This turns every fact and figure that your licensing agreements generate into data that shows how your business is doing and helps you to form new brand licensing strategies.

Visual analytics makes it easy for everyone in your organization to understand data

IT and financial departments commonly use data analytics, but other departments often get left in the dark. Flowhaven’s visual dashboards remove the overwhelming nature of analytics and make it simple to understand and accessible to everyone in your organization

By democratizing this information, your employees have the tools they need to slice and dice data to find new brand licensing opportunities and identify trends. This allows them to make informed decisions that can transform everything from their workflows to how they interact with specific partners.

Increase your team’s effectiveness with role-based customization

Flowhaven’s visual dashboards make it easy for your entire organization to use analytics, so the data must be customizable to each user’s role. For example, someone from marketing doesn’t need to sift through charts displaying overdue invoices by month or other financial benchmarks. That would be frustrating and a waste of their valuable time. 

To solve this, we provide user-friendly customizable dashboards. Each member of your team can set up their dashboards to show the data that is relevant to their position. Role-based charts and other visuals enable your team to interpret data quickly and in a meaningful way. 

When all of your employees are making decisions and building strategies based on solid data, you’ll see deeper insights and remarkable results for your business.

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