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Why Licensing Expo is the place to be

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Why Licensing Expo is the place to be

Here are seven words we haven’t said in a long time: Licensing Expo is right around the corner! After a two-year hiatus, the licensing industry’s marquee event returns to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas May 24-26, with promises to be even bigger and better than years past. ‍

You may not understand the hype if you’re new to the industry or simply recovering from the stay-at-home fog. Here’s a slight hint: Licensing Expo 2022 is expected to bring together more than fifteen thousand people from across the globe interested in spotting trends, building partnerships, and securing brand rights. With consumer appetites moving more quickly than ever, this year’s event is pivotal for professionals interested in capitalizing on new crazes, seeing which companies remained relevant over the last few years, and finding the tools (we have one in mind) to help you manage all of your new and existing business opportunities. 

Among the many exciting developments set to take place on the show floor, Flowhaven will be exhibiting for the very first time (Booth J134) after growing more than 1000%, establishing a presence on six continents, and acquiring customers including Nintendo, Sanrio, and Striker Entertainment since the last in-person expo. Look for clients using Flowhaven’s licensing relationship management technology in real-time to log new business interactions, strategize and move deals down the pipeline. 

“Licensing Expo is a key milestone in any licensing professional’s calendar. We are so excited to get back to three full days of networking, deal-making, and education,” says Amanda Cioletti, Vice President, Content and Content Strategy for the Licensing Group at Informa Markets. This year, the event has adopted a theme – location-based experiences – shaping the show in new ways that add even more excitement to its return to Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The number of deals and pivotal relationships that come out of this event is always so wonderful to see and how they resonate for years to come.”

Here we break down the top four reasons you don’t want to miss Licensing Expo 2022! 

Looking for tips for ensuring success at Licensing Expo, keep an eye out for next week’s blog!

You know you missed it! 

Let’s be honest. There’s no show quite like Licensing Expo. The three-day event, which will run from May 24-26, takes Las Vegas, the world's entertainment capital, allowing attendees to see world-class performances, devour decadent food, and try their luck at the slots between meetings. It’s also the one event on the licensing calendar that allows licensors to show off new properties and future activations, as well as meet current partners and identify new business opportunities. It’s one big party (filled with many parties) and a family reunion for the licensing community. 

Licensing Expo’s social experiences were challenging to replicate in the stay-at-home years. This year you can look forward to networking opportunities from the day before the show straight through the end. On Sunday, tee-off at Licensing International’s golfing fundraiser, Fore!. On Monday, head to the Licensing International Excellence Awards to celebrate the best products and programs from the last year. Then, swing by the upbeat Karma’s World Hip Hop performance on Tuesday, followed by the Character Parade and Opening Night Party. Other events worth checking out during the week include the Women in Toys Breakfast, Magic Wheel Chair Reveal, and Wicked Tuna Cocktails Competition. And, of course, for those lucky enough to secure invites, there are several private parties held by major brands in conjunction with the event. 

New exhibitors and a global presence

Who attends Licensing Expo? Short answer: everyone.

Licensing teams from all corners of the planet touch down on the Las Vegas Strip for Licensing Expo. After two years of communicating remotely, more teams than ever from across the US, Japan and Brazil, and more have marked Licensing Expo as a must-attend. Access to a global slate of companies gives you insight into trends influencing various regions. It can be an excellent place for your brand to get in front of international partners, including locally connected agents with who you might not otherwise come in contact. 

Since the last Licensing Expo, many brands have shapeshifted—meaning that they’ve grown and changed in ways that may be nearly unrecognizable. This year, you can expect a roster of new first-time exhibitors, (including Flowhaven!), as well as key industry players and happy Flowhaven customers like FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management.

“We are moving up like the Jeffersons!” says Anita Castellar, CEO of FanGirl. “Our little company will be 1st-time exhibitors at Licensing Expo this year. We represent some awesome brands and manufacturers, and we are seeking new licensees across multiple categories–as well as expanded retail placement for all of our clients. This year we thought it would be better to invest in a booth where we could put all our clients on display, have meetings, and capture foot traffic in a way that only a properly branded exhibitor booth can. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Booth F112!”

At the Flowhaven booth, you can expect a one of a kind experience with members of our global team who specialize in all segments of the industry and are powered up to help you find solutions for your business. The booth will offer comfortable meeting space and a chance to walk through the Flowhaven system in real time. To-date we have over 100 meetings book-don't miss your chance to be in that number.

"Flowhaven has grown so much as a company and a software solution all powered by our love for the licensing industry," says Rebecca Dennis, Field Marketing Manager. "It was a logical next step to take part in the industry's biggest event of the year."

It blows other expos out of the water

Toss out your idea of what a conference looks like. Licensing Expo is one of the most colorful and engaging events on the licensing calendar. Major brands from entertainment to sports take over on the show floor with large booths that bring their growing IP to life. If there is a cartoon character you love, a superhero you can’t get enough of, or even a Tik-Toker whose dance moves you’re still trying to master, there is a good chance they’ll have a unique presence at Licensing Expo. 

The abundance of high-profile brands makes Licensing Expo the perfect environment to scout emerging and trending companies available to license globally. As well as get a sneak preview of what classic brands have in store for the future. 

This year’s event is themed around location-based experiences, a sector valued at USD 3.05 billion in 2020 with an expected compound annual growth rate of 34.4% from 2021 to 2028, according to Grand View Research.  

With restrictions lifted in most major economies, location-based experiences (From TV show reenactments to theme park adventure)s. The theme guarantees that attendees won’t just be hearing about IP—they’ll be able to reach out to it with physical experiences. 

The educational opportunities are endless

There will be no shortage of opportunities for newer participants to learn about the business. Licensing Expo is reviving its Licensing U, which includes three-day events featuring experts worldwide on a broad range of topics. Licensing U will have content and learning opportunities tailored for brand owners, agents, and manufacturers. 

Highlighted events include WTF is up with NFTS, Back to Basics, and The New Rules of Retail. There will also be an intro to licensing course for attendees who need to know where to start and panels featuring industry heavyweights Stu Seltzer, Jenn Sandberg, and Steve Manners, followed by Q&As.

It’s a big year at Licensing Expo, and Flowhaven is thrilled to be participating as a first-time exhibitor (come see us at Booth J134!) and the LicenseThis! Competition sponsor. We’d love to tell you how we’ve grown in the last few years–and how we can help your company grow, too. Schedule some time with us on the Expo floor.

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